ATGI Tourist Guides are all state qualified, independent freelance operators.  They all set their own rates and clients should be sure to agree these rates and terms and conditions in advance.

In February 2023, ATGI surveyed members to find out the rates they charge.  These rates vary, but we list below the most typical rates given, which may help you in your budgeting and planning of your trip to Ireland.

Typical rates charged by independent guides (These rates are indicative only):

*Half Day (Up to 4 hours) €150
*Full Day (Up to 8 hours)  €250
Evening/Unsocial hours supplement Subject to agreement
Additional Charges:
Lunch (where not supplied) €15
Dinner (where not supplied) €25
Other Expenses Subject to agreement
Overnight accommodation costs if required. Subject to agreement


*A Half Day is 4 hours maximum - typically morning or afternoon, 

*A full day is 8 hours maximum, typically finishing by 6pm.

Any hours worked outside of these hours can incur an unsocial hours premium.

Specialist Guides, including those guiding in a foreign language, and guides offering customised tours, will usually charge a premium.

Driver Guides, charge more with rates depending on the size of the vehicle and the nature and location of the tour.
Rates will vary depending on a number of factors including (but not limited to):

  • The extent of the itinerary planning required
  • Unsociable / extended hours
  • The nature of the tour, e.g. Specialist, Language, Incentive, etc...
  • The duration of the tour

The client maybe quoted different rates to the above which are indicative only, remember to agree rates and all additional costs in advance